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New Hope Christian Center is an open and affirming church

Meeting MInistry needs in pensacola & tampico Mexico

Ministry Praise Band

Pictured above are members of New Hope Christian Center's  Music Ministry Praise Band. We have a piano, organ, bass guitar,  guitar(s), mandolin, and drums. The band leads in worship each Sunday morning for worship. Besides leading in the praise and worship portion of the service, they provide music or solo for Offering music and for Communion and Closing. We are always looking for new musicians to join us to lead in worship.

Ephesians 5:19-20 The Message

Sing songs from your heart to Christ. Sing praises over everything, any excuse for a song to God the Father in the name of our Master, Jesus Christ.

Helping Hands for the Homeless Hot Meal

115 People Fed on Lee Street

New Hope Christian Center sponsors Helping Hands for the Homeless. Bob Wingerter heads up this ministry. The Church provides food to prepare two hot meals that are served on Thursday evening at two different locations. Meeting the needs of the hungry is a strong belief we share. We never know if we are meeting Angels unaware. We may be the only Bible they see. Below is a video. Be sure to watch.

Matthew 25:35 King James Version 

For I was an hungered, and ye gave me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave me drink: 

Helping Hands for the Homeless Brown Bag Lunch

New Hope Christian Center began this ministry several years ago by a member offering a cold bottle of water to someone in need. Now the ministry offers brown bag lunches every Tuesday morning. Bob Wingerter and volunteers travel around town to camps and to those on the street and offers them a brown bag lunch and a cold bottle of water.

Pet Blessing

At New Hope Christian Center our pets are like family members. Each fall New Hope Christian Center enjoys a day to bring  their furry or feathered family members for a special time just for them. The Pastor has a special time with each family and pet(s) for a prayer of blessing. If someone's pet has a special need during the year, a  time can be planned for a blessing prayer at that time. Many times during our Sunday prayer times pet needs are mentioned as well. Yes, WE LOVE OUR PETS! .

Helping Hands for the Homeless Christmas Stockings

Each Christmas, New Hope Christian Center helps make up stockings which are given to the homeless population in Pensacola. The Church starts collecting items such as socks, gloves, candles, soap, batteries, toiletries and snacks, etc  in late October to stuff the stockings early December preparing to distribute to the community.

Interested in Volunteering?

Are you a musician? Are you retired with extra time on your hands? Our ministries  and Church are always asking for your help, whether it be singing, playing an instrument, making sandwiches, cooking for a meal or even cleaning.

If you are interested in giving of your time or talent, please, contact Pastor David Pettitt. 

(850) 341-2982


video of our Helping Hands for the Homeless Minstry

This video was made in 2008 when  New Hope Christian Center was located on Pace Blvd. Bob Wingerter is so faithful to feed the homeless population in Pensacola. 

He always needs volunteers to help with these meals. Please contact Pastor David Pettitt if you  are available to help. 

(850) 341-2982


tampico mexico

New Hope Christian Center Supports Ministry in Tampico Mexico

A word from Reverend  Ricardo Briones Baltazar Pastor

(February 2015_ October 2017)

Jer.29 : 11  

"Because I know the thoughts I have about you, says YHAWE, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give them the end they hope for"      

So today I share them remembering the beginning of a small group of friends who regularly meet since last February 14, 2015.

And more than celebrate the day of love and friendship was with the purpose of laying the foundations for an inclusive congregation of friends based on Love Respect and Tolerance. In principle denominated group MCM.. Misión Charismatic Metropolitan... 

But after the first month already at the beginning of March of the same year 2015. Taken on behalf of Net Nueva Esperanza Tampico. Under the inspiration and support of our friend the Rev. David Pettitt, who served in the city of Puebla in the then Community Center Nueva Esperanza, center that he would have founded. 

Later on when we moved to the City of Altamira Tamaulipas, it became Nueva Esperanza Tamaulipas in order to establish itself as an inclusive and open community center for all and all sharing talks that in some sense encourage the spirit, soul and body.

I thank all and all those who have participated with us throughout these almost 3 years. In recent months our work has been more social because of the natural disasters caused by the earthquakes and floods in our country. 

Our work has focused on establishing a foundation in childhood so that they will be the means of attraction for their families to our congregation, with events for the little ones in April that is celebrated the day of the child, in August to motivate them to return to classes and in December for the holidays, with gifts, piñatas, children's shows and even toys, but without missing the word of the gospel to bring them to the knowledge of God's infinite love. 

 At the moment the work is reflected in that the inhabitants of this sector already know us as a group of friends interested in the good of our community. We have never denied that we are part of New Hope as an entity of the Father for the blessing of all who seek Him from the heart. 

Currently we are in a project called "New Hope in YOUR HOUSE" visiting and sharing with a group of friends in your home the word of the Lord, motivating friends in the meeting to love and good works. 

We thank the presbyter Dan Santos of ICE in Monterrey N.L For his motivation at the beginning of this project. But undoubtedly ETERNALLY grateful for the life of Rev.David Pettitt and friends of New Hope Christian Center for their great inspiration and support for this project since March 2015 to continue the work in this part of the Mexican Republic, Juan Miguel Martínez Ruiz for his fidelity in every step we take together in this wonderful service project. 

And above all things to My Heavenly Father for being my strength and sustenance all this time knowing that our lives are and totally and completely depend on Him.

With Love, 

Rev. Ricardo Briones Baltazar 

Isaiah 60: 1  

Heavenly Father be the Glory and Honor Today and Always !!

® Altamira Tamaulipas Mexico October 2017


Letter from Pastor Ricardo Briones Baltazar


December 31, 2017

Friends. The Lord has crowned this year that is about to end with his goods and excellent blessings and all of you have been those blessings that Heavenly Father has sent us. My heart is grateful to know of such noble people and willing to serve if they expect nothing in return. Nueva Esperanza Tamaulipas, this small but inspired group of people thank you for your attentions, prayers and support for this wonderful work in Mexico to continue sharing the love of Heavenly Father with our community.

Many blessings and thanks for all your support that the Lord multiplies you and prosper you abundantly in your lives, families and ministry and that this coming Year 2018 will be of great inspiration and blessing in every way.

Peace and Health for this 2018.

Pastor Ricardo, NET

Tampico, Mexico Ministry

Ricardo Briones Baltazar 

and David Pettitt

January 13, 2018

Gracias al Padre Celestial por la vida de este persona tan especial y con una pasión por compartir el evangelio incluyente en México ...Una bendición conocerte Rev. David Pettitt y gracias por tus oraciones y tu apoyo por nosotros .

Thank you heavenly father for the life of this special person and with a passion for sharing the inclusive gospel in Mexico... a blessing to meet you Rev. David Petit and thank you for your prayers and your support for us.

Ricardo Briones Baltazar 

With David Pettitt.